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A DARK APE - April 2013

At the Ramseyer Dayer Foundation venue, the Araca la Barda Theatre Group presented the play "A Dark Ape", by the playwright María Rosa Pfeiffer.
Dardo Sanchez, Gustavo Azar and Javier Santanera, actors of great trajectory, arrived at Esperanza in a theatrical tour, sponsored by the National Institute of Theatre.
A Dark Ape is a folkloric comedy for all audiences, and has been awarded at the 3rd National Humor Festival 2005.



Play presented by the Group of Ten at the Swiss Association "Guillermo Tell" Hall of Esperanza.
The Group of Ten professionals from the city of Humboldt, is directed by Mª Rosa Pfeiffer, also author of the play.
A story that took place in 1968, with recognisable characters that encourage dreams, cradle hopes and unfold their ideals.

"Everyone has a good time and entertains the audience, they assume the strong commitment of giving credibility to their characters. They are deep, temperamental, building the edges of their characters with deep doses of theatrical truth". (Robert Schneider)


EPIPHANY - September 2018

Dramaturgy and direction: Viviana Quaranta and Yanina Bileisis
Starring Yanina Bileisis in the interior spaces of the Foundation.

It is the manifestation of the feminine, of the strength and life of women. The unipersonal puts movement and voice to different situations and lives of women from different cultures and times, as the tip of the iceberg of the established gender system. The play-installation touches on a tribute to women of all times through the combination of dance and theatre.

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