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ART WORKSHOP FOR CHILDREN - from 2011 to 2014

Aimed at children between 7 and 11 years old.
Taught by the artist and teacher Danilo Grasso.

This workshop aims to offer children the opportunity to be introduced to artistic languages, such as drawing, colour and form, while also valuing work as a group through free play of expression. It is a creative workshop where the expressiveness and spontaneity of the children prevails, guided by the expert look of the teacher, through different techniques in the plane and in the space.
Danilo Grasso maintains that it is easier to transmit and work with children than with adults. Adults see with their eyes, they find it difficult to show their inner reality. The most difficult thing with children is to break the structures imposed by the school, with art education programs that end up limiting creativity. On the other hand, technology generates the search for the immediate, for the quick image.
The objective to achieve is to understand that the process of creation requires patience and dedication, that not everything is instantaneous but that to reach a production of value, one must be trained.


MINSTRELS' WORKSHOP - from 2013 to 2018

In April 2013, they began their classes at the FRD, in a space of encounter with music and personal expression dedicated to adults, under the direction of teachers Daniela Ranallo and Mariana Sacks.

Learning technical tools of musical expression through activities that integrate percussion, singing, poetry, games and creative activities.
With remarkable acceptance of adults with musical interests and through games, they managed to generate a space for learning, personal enjoyment and joy.
It is worth mentioning that the group has been growing year after year, both in terms of the number of members and in creativity, and throughout all these years they have held annual shows and various presentations in the city with a large and varied attendance.



Raúl Viso, Cristian Lehmann, and Gastón Zuñiga. Members of the Santa Fe Drawing Circle

It was held during the months of February and March in the gardens of the FRD and was attended by a varied audience of all ages. Drawings and cartoons that were intended to liven up the summer, providing a dose of good humor and company. A proposal aimed at young people, teenagers and adults who wanted to reward themselves for a few hours by doing creative artistic work.



Teachers: Researcher Silvia Torres Luyo - LDCV Gabriela Davies.

Course oriented to the use of play as a stimulus to creativity and imagination or as a teaching, pedagogical, therapeutic or didactic element.
Aimed at the general public and in particular at teachers, graduate teachers, nursery teachers, psychopedagogues, psychologists, occupational therapists, among other people and professionals who develop activities related to the field of education and health.

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