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Ours is an inviting house, meant to be built, inhabited, explored and experienced


The Ramseyer Dayer Foundation is a private institution established in June 2008, with centre in Esperanza (Santa Fe), Argentina.

It is the homage that Inés Ramseyer Dayer has decided to give to her parents, Angela Dayer and Ernesto Ramseyer, and to the city that shaped her, installing it in the family home an innovative and dynamic space that works in favor of the promotion of art, and where freedom and excellence are its only horizon.

The Ramseyer Dayer Foundation, FRD, is a house that invites to be built, inhabited, explored and experienced by artists and visitors, so that they can question themselves, think, enjoy and find themselves being part of our infinite shared realities.

The Foundation is always open to the interests of citizens and provides the city and the region with a space where reality can be interpreted, where the work of various artists in different fields can be enjoyed, and where intellectuals, writers and people who have a message to convey can be heard.

Artists exhibit their works and dialogue with the visitors. The spectator can ask and wonder about the themes that make the man, can enjoy and be moved by the artistic manifestations that are exposed here.   

There are plastic art exhibitions, film shows, meetings with writers and thinkers, talks with artists, courses, workshops, debates, reading meetings, concerts, recitals, etc.  

The FRD is in contact with other institutions in the region, such as the Litoral National University, signing collaboration agreements and establishing relations with cultural institutions in the city and the region. 

In its founding statutes, it is established as an initial condition that no political or religious affiliation is involved in any of its activities. With a great effort of management, it is supported, until now, with its own funds.

June 2008


It is constituted in Madrid, Spain, to fulfill the objectives established in the Statutes of the Foundation


November 2008


The FRD is inaugurated in Esperanza, a new space dedicated to culture as an absolutely new initiative for the city and the region.

May 2009

I Night of the Museums of Esperanza

Promoted and organized by the RD Foundation, it is considered the most important cultural event in the city with the participation of more than 20 venues and institutions.


June 2010

Violin Virtuosi Concert

Thanks to the efforts of Ernesto Bitetti, one of our patrons, we had the opportunity to enjoy the Violin Virtuosi concert - from the Jacobs School of Music at Indiana University - Bloomington (USA).

August 2010

Open Meetings. Festival of Light

FRD becomes part of the group of venues collaborating with the Luz Austral Foundation for this biannual festival for the promotion of the photographic works of Argentine authors.


November 2017

I Edition Urban Festival Esperanza

A multidisciplinary event, it takes place at the Foundation's facilities, its garden and outside. Artists from all disciplines participate: theatre, cinema, dance, music, live painting and activities for children.

 October-November 2018

10th Anniversary FRD

The celebration, much appreciated by the Friends of the Foundation, took place with a great show by the artist Ana Foos (CABA), a musical show by the Ambulant Fanfare and the visit of the president and vice-president of the Foundation.


May 2020

Website Launch

FRD gives a strong impetus to its outreach by updating its website.


Faced with a world in permanent fluctuation, crisis and reformulations, the Ramseyer Dayer Foundation raises the need to look at ourselves in order to meet, to discover, to rediscover ourselves through art, understood as the freest and most sincere form of expression, where we can ask ourselves what we are, what we were, what we are becoming, what we would like to be.

Ramseyer Dayer Foundation conceives culture as a strategic resource to achieve human and community development, which makes it fully formative.
Its halls are inhabited by plastic and photographic exhibitions, concerts, meetings with artists and thinkers.

Should be noted the possibility of training, through its courses and workshops, as well as the opportunity to acquire photographs, objects and works of artists from the region.


Consistent with its mission, the Ramseyer Dayer Foundation supports the vision of working towards artistic and cultural development, promoting actions among the plastic arts, music, literature, film and photography; understanding artistic manifestations as ways of being in the world, interpreting and acting in it.
The Foundation aspires to:

  • build a strong institution, recognized by the quality and opportunity of its contributions in the diffusion of culture.
  • promote innovative and interdisciplinary visions, in which each discipline contributes with its view on contemporary issues.
  • reach a wide audience with different ages and interests, especially in the development of the spirit of young people, with responsibility, coherence, authenticity and excellence.
  • be a fully formative institution, which uses its annual programming to disseminate the work of artists and authors, promoting respect and consideration of cultural diversity.


The goals of the Foundation are:


To promote the search for freedom and truth as essential values for the development of the spirit;

To promote and publicise culture through permanent debate on art, understood as sincere and free human expression; 

To provide new perspectives on contemporary culture through encounters with different artistic disciplines; 

To promote cultural exchanges between local, regional and international networks; 

To stimulate in everyone the love for art and its appreciation, bringing the artistic work closer in order to understand and enjoy it; 

To offer a space for meeting and debate that receives outstanding representatives of the cultural field on a regular basis; 

To stimulate the creative work of contemporary artists through their training and promotion, generating a permanent debate on art as a human expression. 

To offer alternatives of artistic updating, implementing short courses, workshops, interviews to recognised artists. 

The Ramseyer Dayer Foundation Award "For Innovation in Art" aims to recognise innovation and quality in the work of contemporary artists, in the Annual Exhibition of Plastic Artists (A.A.P.E.).


Inés Ramseyer Dayer

Adolfo Waisman Helman

Teresa Olszewski Parra
Juan Porras Pedraza
Ana María Gauchat
Horacio J. Cursack Barrionuevo
Eduardo M. Cursack Barrionuevo

Ernesto Bitetti Ravina
Ana María Cursack Kieffer
Hugo Klingler Cagliani
Eduardo Cursack Kieffer

Ana Copes
Ana Maria Gauchat
Danilo Grasso
Domingo Sahda
Elizabeth Sture
Enriqueta Hueso
Enzo Mansilla
Guillermo González
Maria Rita Montalbetti
Leo Scheffer
Patricio Coll
Pelusa Borthwick
Raquel Minetti
Raúl Cottone
Raúl Ishikawa
Ricardo Nadalutti
Roberto Leonardi
Roberto Zelaya
Sergio Gesse
Sergio Fasola

Ana María Gauchat

Mariana Imhof Catena
Celina Zimmermann (2008 – 2015)

Alicia Pereyra

Friends of the Foundation

The Ramseyer Dayer Foundation would like to thank all the people, companies and institutions for their great effort and support that they have given us throughout our history.

Being part of this group means supporting the dissemination of Art in all its forms, bringing it closer to Santa Fe society and promoting relevant artists in the region.

These are some of our Friends

Being a Friend of the Foundation will allow you to be punctually informed of its activities, to obtain benefits and to be part of a group of people and entities that defend culture, rights and freedom.

Your generosity will enable the viability and future of this Foundation.

Please fill in the following FORM if you wish to become a friend of the FRD and we will contact you:



Ramseyer Dayer Foundation


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